Fiduciary Services

Asset Management

Meticulous management of a client’s assets, which may include bill paying, bank and investment account reconciliation, timely tax filing, serving as the designated Representative Payee for Social Security benefits, file organization and retention, and assistance with other financial needs.   

Trust Administration

Private or court-appointed management of affairs and assets as instructed by a client’s trust document. Duties may include asset management, trust distributions, responsibility for investments and taxes, providing periodic trust accountings to beneficiaries, as well as upkeep, management and/or sale of real property. 


A conservator is a person appointed by the court to represent and provide for the personal care and protection of another person (the conservatee), who a judge has decided is unable to care for himself or his finances. As Conservator of the Person, I safeguard my clients' physical, mental and emotional well-being by ensuring they receive all necessary care and are able to live in the safest, least restrictive environment possible. As Conservator of the Estate, I protect and manage my clients' assets. 

Estate Administration

Serving as the personal representative to carry out an individual's final wishes as instructed in the Will, file final estate taxes, and locate assets and/or heirs, if necessary. If someone passes away without a Will or a Trust, I may be appointed by the court to shepherd the Estate through the Probate process to wrap up the deceased’s affairs and distribute his/her assets to the heirs. 

Care Management

Ensuring that each client is physically and mentally well cared for and protected. Services may include arranging medical/dental appointments, medical oversight and advocacy, assisting with health insurance matters, managing caregivers, and placement in independent, assisted or skilled nursing facilities, as needed or desired.   

Power of Attorney

For financial matters: Managing personal and business financial affairs per a client's written instructions. 

For health care matters: Acting as attorney-in-fact to make health care decisions when an individual is no longer able to make those decisions; assuring safe and appropriate housing, medical care and treatment, as well as making end-of-life decisions according to my client's wishes.